Love Creamery

Homemade Local Ice Cream & Sorbet in Duluth, MN

Love Creamery makes heavenly handcrafted ice cream and sorbets from local and organic ingredients. When we can’t source locally, we source responsibly. Come visit us at our new Duluth storefront.

We combined our love for ice cream, farming and all things local and started Love Creamery. We are a very small business that makes local, hand-crafted ice cream and sorbets from local ingredients. When we can’t source locally, we source responsibly. We buy our honey, maple syrup and fruit from local farmers and source other ingredients, such as chocolate and vanilla, from sustainable businesses outside our local region.  The heart of our ice cream is our ice cream mix (cream, milk, sugar and eggs) which comes from our local dairy. The rest of our ingredients are mixed-in, creating delicious flavors that you love.

Our ice cream is made in very small batches to ensure the highest quality control over texture and taste. 

Our philosophy is to purchase local first, organic second and always purchase from businesses that have sustainability in their mission.

We launched  our biz in the summer of 2015 and began by selling our ice cream at the UMD farmers market, Superior Farmers market, Sky Harbor Airport, events and of course, at private functions should you ask. Today we continue to make ice cream in small batches in our new 1908 W Superior St, Duluth storefront. 

Starting a local ingredient ice cream business is expensive and sourcing local has its challenges. But we know it is worth it. It is our goal to grow slowly overtime to meet demand.

We hope you will try our ice cream and love it as much as we do. Always remember - “Everyone needs a little Love.”